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Sputter Ceramic IR Window Film
Sputter Ceramic IR Window FilmTraditional window films use metal elements in their technology. But high reflectivity act like mirrors and high susceptibility to corrosion and discoloration. Nano Ceramic Series are designed with no metal elements, using clear optical Polyester. You don't need to worry about any interference using electronic devices.


  1. Sputter technology and all metal Nichrome construction

  2. Almost o turns purple change

  3. Interior appearance looks neutral

  4. Mirrored look

  5. Great heat rejection and reduce the glare

Ask for example

Free A4 size sample support or 1 meter for installation testing

Shipping fee: responsible by customer

Order lead time

 2-3 weeks depends on the order quantity



Automobile film is mainly used for the protection of front and side gears of automobiles




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