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Historical development of Architectural window film
Apr 12, 2018

Architectural window film is also a noble origin, the earliest to date to the development of the U.S. aerospace industry. NASA developed a high temperature-resistant material applied to the fuselage in the 1930s, when U.S. spacecraft and rocket spacecraft and rockets, in the process of passing through the atmosphere, had thousands of degrees of heat and heat enough to destroy the spacecraft.

This is the most original membrane structure, or membrane composition.

Subsequently, in the development of science and technology under the impetus of aviation began to become popular, its high-temperature-resistant technology began to convert to civilian technology for aircraft glazing, to provide protection and protect against ultraviolet radiation. With the development of the society, the rise of the floors, especially the commercial office, under the United States coastal cities under the strong ultraviolet radiation and high winds of attack, in order to reduce high-altitude exposure and glass fragmentation damage caused by the heat insulation and explosion-proof technology to integrate and apply to the building film, increased the security of high-rise buildings

At this time, the aviation window membrane technology began to transform into a building window film. The construction film was officially named in the 1960s, but because of the limitations of technology and materials, the cost is high and the application is not wide enough.

In particular, China had just recovered from the war and had less understanding.

Subsequently, with the rapid development of new China, skyscrapers and private villas, building window film in a wide range of applications, the rapid development, and some of the glass even in the production, itself on the construction window film, or the addition of Building window film part of the function of the material.