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How to choose PVC decorative film
Sep 24, 2018

(1) Look at the color

The inferior film is mainly dyed, and the principle is similar to that of fabric dyeing, which is more likely to fade and become blurred. The high-quality film is made by magnetron sputtering process. It absorbs precious metal atoms such as gold, silver, nickel and titanium through a strong magnetic field. It not only has uniform color, but also has natural space color, rich and natural, and extraordinary. High and very transparent.

(2) See anti-scratch

There is no anti-scratch layer on the surface of inferior film, so it is easy to appear scratches when it is rubbed by hand; decolorization phenomenon; while the surface of high-quality film has professional anti-scratch layer, Z8 window film surface has a global patent anti-scratch layer DuroGard, not only more Scratch resistant, not easy to scratch, and no discoloration.

(3) See the clarity

The sharpness is determined by the substrate from which the film is made and the manufacturing process. Only the solar film produced by the world's most advanced magnetron sputtering process can guarantee extremely high definition, because magnetron sputtering technology adsorbs rare metals on the surface of the film without any pigments and heat absorbers. , to ensure the clearest. The reaction of many inferior membranes in reality is that after the window is pasted through the membrane, there is a wavy pattern through the membrane, and the things are not clear, and the dizziness is long, which affects the safety.

(4) Look at the feel

Inferior film uses ordinary polyester film as the substrate, no elasticity, lack of toughness, no texture, easy to wrinkle, and can not meet the basic requirements of pvc decorative film safety explosion protection.

(5) See technical parameters

According to the optical principle, the higher the light transmittance, the lower the heat insulation rate; the higher the light reflectance, the higher the heat insulation rate. Therefore, the three requirements of high light transmission, high heat insulation and low reflection are the highest level of pvc decorative film technology. Therefore, when consumers choose the film, they must balance and compare, can not choose high reflection for high insulation, and cause unnecessary hidden dangers for future driving.