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Structural Characteristics of window film of building
Apr 12, 2018

Architectural window Film thickness from 0.0125mm to 0.5 mm thick, mainly look at its functional structure combination, because the building window film is multilayer ultra-thin high transparent polyester film by dyeing, magnetron sputtering, laminated laminating and other processes, so the film function of the window film, its actual effect is different.

1, anti-wear layer: The composition of wear-resistant polyurethane, hardness up to 4 H;

2, with color pet safety base: from High-strength, high transparent pet and pigment melt extrusion biaxial tensile system, because the pigment sandwiched in the pet film, can prevent oxidation discoloration, life of up to 8 years;

3, Metal insulation layer: In the pet film through vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering metal aluminum, silver, nickel and so on infrared has a high reflectivity of nano-metal layer;

4, composite adhesive: By the weatherability of a good high transparent polyurethane adhesive composition;

5, UV absorption layer: by special UV absorbent composition, can block 99% of ultraviolet rays;

6, transparent pet safety base: by High-strength, high transparent PET film composition, the purpose is to clamp the metal layer in the middle, to prevent metal oxidation, prolong the life of metal film;

7, the installation of adhesives: by a good weatherability high transparent acrylic ester adhesive composition;

8. High-transparent pet off-film.