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Working principle of window film of building
Apr 12, 2018

Insulation film, not only insulation and sunscreen, but also with Anti-ultraviolet and safety features.

The film can also be divided into thermal reflective film and low radiation film. Thermal reflective film, which is attached to the glass surface to allow the room to penetrate visible and near-infrared light, but not through far-infrared light.

So there is enough light to enter the room, and most of the solar energy reflected back, in the hot summer to keep the room temperature will not rise too much, thereby reducing indoor air-conditioning load, to save air conditioning costs and energy-saving role. Low radiation film, this membrane can through a certain amount of shortwave solar radiation, so that the sun radiant heat into the room, absorbed by the indoor objects, but also can be more than 90% of indoor objects radiated Long-wave infrared reflection to keep indoors. The low radiation film can make full use of solar radiation and the long wave radiant energy of indoor objects.

Therefore in the cold area and the heating construction use may play the heat preservation and the energy saving effect.

Principle of folding explosion proof

The Construction window film has the very strong tension and the stickiness, when the glass by the external force or from the explosion breaks, can hold the glass, prevents the glass debris to splash, or falls from the high altitude, causes the personnel and the property damage.