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A Practical Example Of A Film
Apr 12, 2018

Whether the glass membrane has the practical protection function, but also may draw lessons from the specialized unit the related inspection standard. 2008, the Ministry of Public Security elaborated the "Ministry of Public Security Police patrol car riot Glass" standard, requirements in the ordinary car 3 mm thickness tempered glass on the addition of riot  film, can resist throwing objects through. The test standard is 2260 grams of steel ball from 4 meters height free fall hit 30x30 centimeter area of 3 mm thickness film glass shall not run through, this is actually equivalent to the impact of adult hand-wheel device hit hit, to achieve this target, the basic content to meet the daily life to resist illegal violations, reduce traffic accidents and other demands. The current film industry is only one brand with this qualification.

Including FAW Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, Dongfeng Peugeot and other backbone manufacturers, including the National Police Car Sentinel factory, all through the cooperation with the brand, to achieve the relevant qualification certification. Folded