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Can Auto Films Reduce Oil Consumption?
Jul 23, 2018

  Many car owners like processing and beautifying their new cars. The most common activity is the auto film.The auto film can not only beautify the car but also have many other functions.


  We all know it can decorate the car. According to the personal preferences, through the film can be personalized to the car.

  Auto film can also block heat and ultraviolet radiation. To resist 99 of the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Protect the ornaments in the vehicle from injury, so that drivers and passengers can avoid being exposed to the sun.

  It can also create private space. The inside of the car can not be seen clearly from the outside the car so that can keep privacy and security.

  It can also reduce the consumption of air conditioning. The consumption of air conditioning is reduced by nearly 15%. The cooling capacity loss of the air conditioner can be compensated by the insulation film, which can effectively reduce the  inside temperature and save oil consumption to a certain extent.


  The film also has high security and explosion-proof. The base of the film is polyester film, which has the function of tear resistance and anti breakdown. With the adhesive layer of the film, the strength of the glass can be increased by 100 times after the film is applied. Preventing accidental breakage of glass and causes secondary damage to passengers.

  The high-quality car film. When driving at night, the strong glare reflection of the rear headlights in the rear view mirror will be weaken, making the eyes very comfortable. In addition, it has a good view when it is raining, reversing, or turning. From a safety point of view, this is one of the most outstanding features of automotive film.

  In a word, if you want to get the auto film, you'd better choose the high quality auto film, so that there will be better protection.