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How To Choose A Car Foil?
Feb 11, 2019

See the effect of scratch prevention

The automobile film has the characteristics of protecting the automobile glass. Just like the mobile phone tempered film, you can use the nail to force a few strokes on the film. If it is easy to scratch, it may be fake or bad quality. Membrane, such a film can be damaged even with nails, not to mention explosion-proof. A good quality film has a scratch-resistant coating that won't be so easily damaged. Therefore, the average good service life and warranty period of the automotive film is also longer.

Touch by hand

The car film is attached to the glass. The good glass film will have a thick and smooth feeling. The surface will be hardened and will not wrinkle easily. The inferior film will be thinner and not so hard. Good processing, a slight fold is easy to wrinkle, but this is a more subjective means, some people can touch the difference, some people feel little.


Good quality car film, no matter the color depth can guarantee good clarity and transparency, good clarity is a prerequisite for safe driving at night and rain. Inferior film will have optical distortion, and some will have a misty feeling, not clear. In the case of severe fading during a period of use, many inferior films are colored by means of viscose coloring, pigmented in the glue, and then applied to a colorless transparent film, commonly known as a dyed film. This type of film does not have the function that a normal film should have.


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