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How To Choose Auto Window Tint Film
Jan 17, 2019

First, the material

From a professional point of view, the lacquer protective film is currently not a few materials TPU, PU, PVC; TPU and PU are polyurethane, but TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane; PVC is simple, needless to say, mainly by hardness protection;

TPU material For everyone to see, there must be toughness;

I have summed up several ways to identify TPU. People have to learn two tricks in the rivers and lakes:

As shown in the figure, pull it hard until the toughness yarn appears, then pour it with hot water and it will be restored (TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane)


The first layer is a top coat: a transparent polyurethane film, an elastic polymer for eliminating dust adhesion, contamination and surface scratches: the main function is an antifouling coating

The second layer is a special polyurethane film, which is particularly tough and can be elastically restored. The main function of the first layer is to repair.

The third layer is specially developed acrylic copolymer, which has strong adhesion to the paint surface and strong removal. The main function is to remove no residual glue.

The fourth layer is the base film: frosted polyester anti-adhesive layer protective film, which is a layer of primer protective film to be removed during construction.

UPPF Yopa invisible clothing is TPU material.

Second, the taste

Feel through the sense of smell, if you smell a very strong chemical, then this shows that the raw materials used in the clothes are inferior. A good car paint protective film should be odorless or not pungent.

Third, the brightness

The film has been coated with VS uncoated film, and a good film is applied to the surface of the paint to increase the brightness, especially the black paint effect is better.

Fourth, antifouling

In order to simulate the dirt generated by the surface of the vehicle in daily use, such as: oil stains, oxidation, acid rain, ink, bird droppings, sewage, etc.

We used a more difficult-to-clean oil-based marker to test on the covered and uncoated covers, and the coated markers were wiped clean with a paper towel. If it is a poor performance film, this effect is not achieved.

Fifth, piercing

A good film has good wear resistance and endurance. If you choose a bad material, you can't install it perfectly. It can't protect your car and seriously reduce the value of the car.

Sixth, water displacement

The double-coated TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber) is made of four layers, and the film surface has good smoothness, which makes the liquid not easy to remain, thus avoiding the worry of stopping the car from being exposed to liquid pollution such as acid rain in rainy days.

Seven, cover the original scratches of the car paint

Vehicles that have been used for some time, especially those with black or dark paint, must have a lot of obvious dazzling in the cover, but after applying a good paint protective film, there is no film and film. The difference between the two is obvious. The obvious wear marks were completely covered and the overall body was completely renewed.