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How To Identify The Pros And Cons Of The Color Film
Aug 14, 2018

1, the price "a penny and a share" is an eternal market rule, to understand the corresponding price of the color film on the market, in order to avoid being deceived.

2, color: imported color film color is full and uniform, the domestic color film has a strong sense of grain.

3, feel: the thickness of the bottom paper and the quality of the color film is proportional, the imported color film surface is fine, the thickness is suitable, not easy to appear crease; the domestic color film is rough, lack of toughness, crease is not easy to recover.

4, taste: If you can smell the irritating smell when you are close, it is generally a domestic color film, the import color film is a global environmental standard.

5. Adhesive: After the adhesive of the imported color-changing film is subjected to repeated re-appliance, the bonding strength can still be guaranteed. After the adhesive of the domestic color-changing film is uncovered one or two times, the adhesive strength can be obviously felt.

What is invisible clothing?

Car paint protective film, also known as body invisible protective clothing (stealth clothing), is a high-performance film, light and transparent, with super toughness, can effectively prevent scratching, pebbles, sand hits hit.

 It also adheres well to the surface of the car paint, so that the car paint is isolated from the air. Effectively protects against acid rain, oxidation, and scratches, and continuously protects the paint surface of your car. Easy maintenance and reduced the cost of polishing and waxing the body.

The product is environmentally friendly and does not cause any toxic side effects and pollution to the human body and nature. The lacquer protective film is colorless and transparent, and is attached to the lacquer, which can effectively brighten the lacquer and maintain the brightness.

After the paint protective film is torn off, it will not damage the original car paint, leaving no glue, and restore the original appearance of your paint.

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