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Industry Standard For Film
Apr 12, 2018

The China Standardization Association promulgated the Glass membrane standard in 2007, namely cas140-2007 glass membrane standard. The threshold of this standard is actually quite high and can meet the standard requirements of the film can be called the film. The standard will be  in accordance with the level of protection from low to high to be divided into three ABC grade, respectively, corresponding to the prevention of smashing, throwing objects through, bulletproof three practical protection needs.

Entry threshold is required to reach at least 3 mm ordinary tempered glass on the impact and on the ordinary float glasses do not occur due to human impacts of glass fragments scratches and other  indicators. This standard represents the membrane industry's technical highs, can meet the standards of a few brands and enterprises.

Currently in line with the standard entry level of the safety film has 35 enterprises, in line with the B-level standard of at most two (with a test certification of only one), and in line with the C-level standards that are fully qualified to date only one. Folded