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Is It Necessary To Attach An Invisible Garment To The Car Body?
Aug 12, 2018

1. Preservation: When the used car is evaluated, the paint-painted car is generally not highly valued, and it is easy for the owner to suspect the accident car. The transparent protective film can greatly improve the brightness of the paint while perfectly protecting the original paint, which makes the practicality and aesthetics coexist.

2, to prevent infringement and corrosion: Today, environmental pollution is increasingly serious, car paint must face acid rain corrosion, oxidation problems. In addition, sand and stone in daily life, invading and collapsing, and branching scratches are inevitable, especially in autumn and winter, when the falling of the car on the car will make the damage rust. A transparent protective film is attached to completely isolate the paint from the outside environment to form a perfect protective layer.

3, against the car-drawn party: the car-riding party frequently haunts! Many riders may have encountered a taxi party, which may include a small number of people who have been trafficked to vent their anger because of improper parking, hindering normal traffic, but more often suffer from innocent disasters. Most of the taxiing parties did not monitor at night or avoid surveillance cameras. Even if they were photographed by driving recorders, they were often poorly driven by the driving recorders at night. The imaging blur could not lock the suspects and eventually escaped.

4. Reduce the risk rate: The 2016 insurance premium reform policy has been implemented. This shows that the number of times the owner is out of danger is linked to the auto insurance premium. The more auto insurance, the more expensive the premium. The choice of paint surface protection film can effectively reduce the risk of high-risk position in the process of using the car, and truly achieve small investment and great peace of mind.

After reading so many people, is there a certain understanding of why the invisible car clothes are attached? The car body film is a future trend, so the stickers are still much better than not.

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