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Is Your Car's Solar Film A Toxic Film?
Jul 23, 2018

Is your car's solar film a "toxic film"?

With the accelerated pace of life and lifestyle changes, many car owners now spend more time in the car. Many car owners will think of resisting the sun and light through the "film" to achieve UV protection and heat insulation. However, many owners do not understand the film industry. It is easy to believe in the so-called cost-effective inferior film, such examples abound. Inferior film not only does not meet the expectations of the owners, but also affects the body of the owner. It is not an exaggeration to say that inferior membranes are actually "toxic membranes". Currently, GSWF is a zero-pollution membrane on the market, but it is also necessary to inform the owners of the harm of poor quality membranes.


What is a "toxic membrane"?


Formaldehyde begins to volatilize at room temperature 19 ° C

Non-insulation/opening/fading/foaming, etc.

Formaldehyde release >0.08/m3 seriously exceeded the standard

Injury of the respiratory tract and nervous system

Severe lung disease, especially in the elderly and children!


How many years have your car foil been filmed?

Is there any blistering phenomenon?

For the health of your family, quickly change the foaming membrane!

The GSWF company may have heard of many old drivers. GSWF is a Chinese factory, belonging to the world's top brand solar film, a large-scale global solar film manufacturer, and the quality is naturally not to be said.

Its UV blocking rate, infrared blocking rate and explosion-proof ability are very good, and it is also a good price-performance brand on the market.

carbon UV 400 auto window tint film1.jpg

Therefore, the harm caused by the poison film is not small, reminding the majority of car owners, if you want to do a car beauty film project, go to the regular car service shop, don't be cheap, to prevent sticking to the poison film.