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  • Dyed Auto Window Film

    DBK series is the 1ply chip-dye film.

  • High Performance Reflective Glue Widow Film

    HP series is the metallized glue tint film

  • Standard Glue Window Film

    FUNCTION: 1.Superior clarity and reduce glare 2.Amazing infrared heat rejection 3.Non-reflective and NO signal interference 4.Blocks 99% UV rays to protect interior and skin 5.Never turn purple...

  • Dyed Reflective Window Tint Film

    Characteristic Generally the color can last around 3 years. Resist 58-69 solar-thermal Explosion-proof function Insulate at least 90 of harmful UV rays Privacy protective Good shrinkage for...

  • Black Carbon Window Film

    CCM series is the economy carbon IR film with 70 heat rejection

  • 12mil Security Window Film

    Structurer Release film assemble adhesive PET base film- 3 layers UV coating anti-scratch coating Parameters General Size per Roll: Width:1520mm Length: 30M, 60M, 90M Product Image APPLICATION...

  • Bullet Proof Safety Window Film

    Product Description Parameters General Size per Roll: Width:1520mm Length: 30M, 60M,300M,600M Product Image

  • Explosion Proof Security Window Film

    Product Description Advantages 1. No Yellowing, No Cracking, and No Delaminating. 2. 99% UV protection Performance. 3. Super optical clarity - Super optical polyester. 4. No Rainbow, No Orange...

  • Sputter Ceramic IR Window Film

    Traditional window films use metal elements in their technology. But high reflectivity act like mirrors and high susceptibility to corrosion and discoloration. Nano Ceramic Series are designed...

  • 1 Ply Glue Window Tint Film

    1 ply anti scratch glue tint auto window film

  • Carbon UV 400 Window Film

    Functions: Specification: Application: Automobile film is mainly used for the protection of front and side gears of automobiles Company View: R&D Department: Cooperated with universities in...

  • Decorative Film For Glass And Doors

    DF-WT Whiteout decorative architectural window film

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