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PET Dry Erase Whiteboard FilmWF-WT is the glossy whiteboard film Characteristic Easy erasing using standard whiteboard makers Extremely light than traditional whiteboard or other materials Easy to handle and convert Make the whiteboard surface in virtually any size Wide applications Extremely strong adhesive sticking on...

WF-WT is the glossy whiteboard film



Easy erasing using standard whiteboard makers

Extremely light than traditional whiteboard or other materials

Easy to handle and convert

Make the whiteboard surface in virtually any size

Wide applications

Extremely strong adhesive sticking on wall



Width:1520mm/ 1220mm

Length: 30M, 60M,300M,600M

Thickness:  4mil (100 micron)

Color: Glossy white                                                                


3 Steps to install

1. Unroll the film

2. Peel off the liner

3. Stick on wall

Problems with the bad whiteboard film

1. the letters are shrinking after writing on

2. hard to erase after one week or more

3. the letter mark still visible after erasing

4. easy to fall down when stick on wall



1.Whiteboard film is mainly used for office, classroom, advertising, etc.

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2.Can be composite with the magnetic sheet

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 image016.jpg image018.jpg image020.jpg image022.jpg


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